Buying Tips

8 Creative Ways To Get Your Offer Accepted

Posted on Apr 01, 2021 in Buying Tips

Sometimes, you have to get a little creative to stand out in this busy market.

Over the past year, the real estate market has been so hot that it’s not unusual for homes to sell the day it gets listed. (The lack of inventory is to blame.) When properties that need serious work are even breaking price records, it is easy to feel discouraged if you’re...

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5 Things YOU Should Know If You're Thinking of Buying Soon

Posted on Mar 18, 2021 in Buying Tips

Here are 5 things you should consider if you are thinking of buying this Spring. - especially if you are a first-time home buyer!

1. Hire an Experienced Realtor: 

A realtor is your best tool when it comes to the housing market. Be sure to pick a good one! A realtor can guide you through the entire purchase process and they are usually connected to top...

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