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Real Estate Fails: The Biggest Blunders in the Industry

Posted on Mar 30, 2023 in Selling Tips

Are you ready to hear some real estate horror stories? As someone who's been in the industry for a while, I've seen my fair share of blunders. And today, I'm going to share them with you, along with some tips on how to avoid them. Let's get started!

First up, let's talk about pricing strategies. Overpricing your home is a common mistake that can res...

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Lessons in Selling from Hollywood Films

Posted on Mar 02, 2023 in Selling Tips

Looking to sell your home and start a new chapter in your life? Congratulations, you're about to embark on a journey that's both exciting and terrifying, kind of like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. But don't worry, I'm here to help guide you through the process with some real estate know-how. After all, selling a home is a bit like...

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6 Ways to Show Your Home Love This Valentine's Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2023 in Selling Tips

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples, it's also the perfect opportunity to show your home some love. Because let's face it, your home has always been there for you, through the good times and the bad. And unlike your ex, it won't leave dirty dishes in the sink or hog the TV remote. Here are 6 ways to show your home some love this Valentine's Day...

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Who You Work With Matters: Top 5 Concerns About Real Estate Agents

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 in Selling Tips

The real estate industry is over crowded with agents and therefore bound to have at least a few less-than-desirable experiences when it comes to buying or selling a home. 

Currently, there are more than 59,000+ licensed real estate Broker and Salesperson members of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, the largest real estate board in Canada. I kn...

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5 Tips YOU Should Know If You're Thinking of Selling This Spring

Posted on Mar 11, 2021 in Selling Tips

1. Hire an Experienced Realtor: 

Before preparing your home for the Spring market, you will want to hire an experienced realtor! A good realtor will serve as your guide through the entire sales process, helping you get your home ready for listing, marketing, showing potential buyers, negotiating and finalizing the eventual sale. The changing landscap...

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6 Real Estate Myths Debunked

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 in Selling Tips

Do all renovations increase the value of your home? Do you really need to depersonalize your home before selling? Here are 6 common real estate queries homebuyers and sellers in Canada have, and the truth behind each.

You don’t need to depersonalize your home before selling.

Taking away personalized items and creating a pleasant neutral ca...

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